The October 10

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Each month, we pick which new arrivals are at the top of our wish lists. For October, the month of temps that finally dip into sweater weather territory, we're reaching for anything soft- think velvet loafers, a (faux) fur vest, a cozy fair isle sweater... Can you hear the fire crackling?

01. The Midi Dress
From desk to dinner date, a midi is the answer to all your versatile dress needs this fall.

02 . The Striped Top
Your summer stripe uniform works for fall too with a studded bag and chic flats.

03 . The Fur Vest
It’s something that might seem superfluous until you have it- then it’s a hard layer to live without. Bonus: this faux fur version is reversible.

04. The Crossbody Bag
These fit a surprising amount of your (all very necessary to have at all times) items and are also easy to carry- plus they add that extra flair to any outfit, day or night.

05. The Wrap Blouse
A wrapped waist and an ever-so-slightly puffy sleeve will make this top one of your favorites for work and play.

06. The Party Dress
You’re almost guaranteed to have a good time in a number as fun as this one. Special occasions call for special dresses, after all.

07. The Fair Isle Sweater
No longer just for the Scottish countryside, this chic knit wows with boots and denim for weekend walks or with a little skirt and flats for a weekday dinner.

08. The Mini Skirt
Even if you’re still very much in love with the midi length, we recommend trying a shorter hemline to mix it up, especially in soft velvet and corduroy.

09. The Chic Shades
Look no further for that “cool factor” needed in every look. These shades from newfound brand Chimi do the trick. (Plus they’re under $100!)

10. The Winter Parka
A little early to think about sub-freezing temps? We say there’s no time like the present to snag your simple, warm, and flattering coat. After all- this style sold out across the country last year.