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    How To: Tie a Scarf

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    One of the questions we get asked most is, “I love your scarves. But how do I tie them?” We turned to our ever-chic stylist Shallon to show off her 4 favorite ways to tie these colorful (and sometimes confounding) accessories.

    01. The Amelie
    When it comes to chic scarf style, the first place we think to look is the streets of Paris. This knot is inspired by that classic French-woman vibe we all love so much.

    Lay the scarf on the ground, fold 2 opposite corners until they meet in the center. Roll from either side towards the center of the scarf.
    • Depending on the size of the scarf, wrap either once or twice around your neck. We wrapped this one twice.

    • With both ends of the scarf in the front, tie a double knot.

    • Fluff the wrapped portion of the scarf to give it more volume.

    • We like it when the wraps cover the double knot. You're all set!

    02. The Wonder Woman
    When your outfit needs a little extra strength, this cape-like style is cozy, chic, and might make you feel a little heroic.

    This one is pretty simple: fold the scarf in half diagonally and throw over your shoulders! Bam!

    03. The Lone Ranger
    A Western-inspired look that is about as no-fuss as the resourceful masked rider himself, tie this one on and go.

    Fold the scarf in half diagonally and put the point of the triangle at your chest. Take the two loose ends, wrap them all the way around your neck, and tie them in a knot underneath your front section.

    04. The Cleopatra
    Inspired by the ancient stunner, this serpentine look is perfect for when you need a splash of pattern without fussy twists and turns.

    Using the same fold as you did in the first step of The Amelie, lay the scarf on the ground. Take two opposite corners and fold them toward the middle of the scarf until they touch. Then fold both flat ends until they overlap in the center of the scarf.

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