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    Boca Grande Travel Guide

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    Full of old-fashioned charm and endless amounts of hospitality, Boca Grande is the perfect getaway for friends, families or couples. Whether staying here or on Gasparilla Island, you’ll find plenty to do, indulge in yummy meals, and feel totally removed, relaxed, and rejuvenated.

    The Boca Grande, FL Bucket List

    Where to Eat Breakfast

    Where to Eat Lunch

    • Newlin’s

      This is a great casual option for a delicious, summery meal.

    • South Beach Bar and Grille

      This is a great, no-fuss spot to eat fresh seafood.

    Where to Eat Dinner

    Grab & Go

    What to Do

    • BZ’s Bar

      This cozy spot is perfect for a pre or post-dinner drink./div>

    • The Pink Pony

      Satisfy your sweet tooth and grab an ice cream cone here.>

    What to Do

    • Tennis at the Inn

      Use the Inn’s top-notch facilities for a clinic, private lesson, or just hitting with a group./div>

    • Golf at the Inn

      Equally as high-quality as the tennis courts, the Inn’s golf course is beautiful and a go-to activity on vacation./div>

    • Gasparilla Beach Club

      Grab a lounge chair at this relaxing oasis, take a dip in the pool, or just walk steps to a the beach for a sandy walk and salty swim./div>

    • Explore the Island

      Be sure to check out Banyan Street, an iconic spot for photos by the canopy trees./div>

    • Port Boca Grande Lighthouse

      The beach by the Lighthouse is known for its wide assortment of shells, so it’s a fun spot to go shelling and bring your collection home./div>

    • Go Fishing

      Fishing is a classic Boca activity, and the island is known for its world-class tarpon fishing! /div>

    • Bingo in the Living Room at the Inn

      Grab a cocktail at BZ’s and then head into the living room for game time. It’s always a fun activity to go to with a group and see the other guests./div>

    • Visit Useppa Island

      This is a great place to go by boat. Stop by the island’s charming old clubhouse and a fun bar on the marina.