To Our Tuckernuck Community,

We stand against racism, systemic injustice and police brutality, because Black Lives Matter.

We have not done enough. We will be better. We will do better. We will be a part of the solution to make this country better. We will do so, by taking the following steps:

1. As individuals, we need to educate ourselves, so we will read and ask questions and have tough conversations.

2. As a team, we do not have enough diverse voices, and we will change that, so we can be a better company and brand.

3. As a company, we are coming up with a plan not just for this week or next, but for all the years to come, so that focusing on standing up for Black people is ingrained in the way we do business. We will amplify the voices and products of Black owned businesses on our own platforms. We are grateful for our business and for our customers, and for the opportunity both have given us to make this country better. We don’t take this opportunity for granted and will use it to the best of our abilities for creating positive systemic change.

While we are working on our long term plan to help tackle racism in this country, we also would like to do something to make a difference right now. We donated $10,000 to Black Girl Ventures, an organization that provides access to capital and mentorship to Black and Brown female founders. You can find out more about this great cause and donate here.

Although this country is in so much pain right now and we are all overwhelmed by difficult topics and emotions, we have seen glimpses of hope and love and compassion and education and self realization. While our goal is to address this complicated topic now, we know that our work is just beginning. We will continue to strive to do better, to implement better practices for our community and employees, and to hold ourselves to the highest standards.

With hope and support,

Jocelyn, Maddy, September and Sophie
Co-founders and Creative Director